So I Have This Friend…

is a sexy podcast with Madison, aspiring Sex-Therapist seeking expertise in the Psychology of love, sex & intimacy. The career aspiration is inspired by Ruth Westheimer, better known as “Dr. Ruth”, sex-therapist, media personality, psychologist and author. The podcast is a modern take on Dr. Ruth’s radio show, Sexually Speaking, which originally debuted in 1980.

Learning about the Psychology of love, sex & intimacy is limited within academia. Academia offers the subject theory, research and statistics. However, in provocative conversations with interesting, playful people, there is endless knowledge to be gained. Using the anonymity in interviews of “so I have this friend” allows anyone the opportunity to share while still preserving the privacy over their personal life.

“So I Have This Friend…” aims to provide insight into the lived experiences of love, sex & intimacy. Every experience deserve credit and every voice deserves to be heard. The hope is for listeners to feel connected to the stories they hear. Engaging with an audience and an overall sense of love is the culmination of this project entirety. Get cozy, because we’ve got a lot of ground to cover. Much Love.


About Madison

is an aspiring Sex-Therapist currently pursing her undergraduate degree in Psychology, minoring in Women’s Studies with a concentration on Gender and Sexuality. Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Madison holds true her Midwestern values with a fiery devotion for love and life.

Madison has always been infatuated by love and attracted to sex and intimacy. Innately, her spirit animal the cheetah best captures characteristics of an enlarged heart, symbolic of a big capacity for expansion. Other character traits include: passion, intuition, empathy, and creativity. Acting on our animalistic tendencies in conjunction with our logical thoughts, is how humans function in accord with their conscious and subconscious selves.

Madison’s zodiac sign: Cancer, taps into her vibes, energy and emotion. The sexual traits of a Cancer are, quote “physical and warm, sometimes even fiery hot. Usually, it’s very satisfying to both. Cancer will not settle for less.”

The decade which most inspires her work is grounded in the 1970s. Madison is an embodiment of a “Foxy Mama”. 1970s pop culture encapsulates the Sexual Revolution, Golden Age of Porn, Funky Music, Second-Wave Feminism, baby-booming and lava lamps.

Some of her most noteworthy loves include: Cabernet Sauvignon, Lime flavored La Croix, sunrise, long drives cross country, fashion and The Blue Lagoon.