Season 1

Season 1

get to know me & what this podcast is all about 😉

we get after: pink tacos, the male anatomy, one uppers, great rebounds, plus other intimate content that will leave you moist and unstable   🍒🌮

we visit a local “adult shop” for the owner’s recommendations on all things erotic play. topics include: beginner toys, toy maintenance, lubricants, 50 Shades of Grey, BDSM and much much more

honing in on the FriendZone: introducing a hookup to your friends, being attracted to your hookup’s friends, friends of the opposite sex, threesomes, condoms,    post sex – to text or not to text, & more

power & control: intimate partner violence, abusive relationships, Sex Offenders, STIs, safe sex, consent, orgasm, reproductive anatomy literacy, sexual trauma, sex addiction, boundaries, & so much more…

intimacy – what’s involved? Psychology professor comments on: identity, sense of self, values, development, fear, abandonment, giving & receiving

long distance love that lasts: communicating effectively, expressing feelings, disconnect, sexting, self-sufficiency, living in the present

halloween themed episode: ghosting, role play, foreplay, sexiest costumes of 2018, voodoo, psychics, & the hookups that leave you spooked!

“out virgin” on virginity: why people wait, how to tell someone you are still a virgin, discovering pleasure & finding purpose

Male Therapist on male emotion: masculinity, authenticity, common narrative, how men handle their emotions, using drugs/alcohol as social lubricant, panic attacks and the secrets to great sex

love & sex through the ages. my grandma discusses: love that lasts a lifetime, the nature of marriage, sexuality, flexibility, Viagra, and building a family